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Sorbitol is a sweetener used in many food products. It can either be in a crystalline or liquid form. We use it in Toothy Tabs in a crystalline form as it combines well with the other powdered ingredients, such as Sodium Bicarbonate.



Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol or polyol. It occurs naturally in many fruits and berries. It was originally identified in the berries of a tree called the mountain ash, by a French chemist in 1872.

It is presently produced commercially by the hydrogenation of glucose. Despite its source, it does not produce dental caries.

Sorbitol gives a sweet flavour but is also a good texturising agent and humectant. It gives a smooth feel in the mouth and tastes cool and pleasant. The qualities make it an excellent ingredient to use in the Toothy Tabs. Its presence gives better flavour and texture. The crystalline grade used helps reduce the moisture content of the Toothy Tabs enabling the manufacturing process to be accomplished without baking the powder blend too much. This preserves the flavour and texture, protecting against loss of moisture content.

Sorbitol is used in chewing gums, sweets, frozen desserts, biscuits, as well as pharmaceuticals and health care products. It is widely used in toothpaste and mouthwashes. It has been used for fifty years as a safe synthetic. It is recognised as safe for use by worldwide authorities including the EU, FDA and World Health Organisation.

Sorbitol è presente in questi prodotti
Prodotti con questo ingrediente
Sorbitol è presente in questi prodotti
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